Any Downsides to Reinstalling Vera Integration?

I’ve been using HA with my Vera controller for few years now. Because it was stable, I was on .116 until yesterday, when I upgraded to 2020-12-7. But the issue I’m having was in .116 too.

Without getting into too many details here, I am using picture-elements in my Lovelace dashboard to show home floorplans, and light/switch/device icons superimposed on the floorplan graphic. They were working fine until I added a couple of Leviton Z-wave plugin switches, and tried adding them (using state-icon elements) to the floorplan.

Even though I copied the exact code from an already working switch in my ui-lovelace.yaml file, with the appropriate entity changes, the state-icon elements do not work in the dashboard. They show up, but hovering the mouse over the icons does not bring up the usual “hand” icon, like on every other dashboard icon. They are essentially “dead” icons. However, the entities themselves are in HA, and if I go over to the entities section and switch them on and off, they work fine.

But that’s not the end of the question. Some of the formerly working icons on the dashboard (also Z-wave devices through Vera) now just turn on and then instantly off when I click them on the dashboard. Not all of them - just some. I can’t find a pattern for which work yet. And I don’t know if that was a problem before adding the new switches, because I usually relied on automations to turn on those lights.

I’ve reloaded and reset the Vera a few times. Naturally I’ve done lots of HA restarts. I went into the entities in HA, displayed only the Vera devices, and deleted them. I got a message that only a few would be deleted (probably because they were already found and active in HA), but no change. I have deleted the .db file with no luck.

My next thought is to delete the Vera integration and reinstall it, and maybe that will freshen things up. Has anybody done this, and will I be looking at any problems with extra devices or cleanup? I use Alexa and Google Home devices, and also wonder if that will create a bunch of new duplicates I will have to deal with.

I will hold off in sharing any code for now because I’m not sure that’s the problem, and maybe the reinstall of Vera integration will solve it. But I first want to know how painful that might be.