Any experience/thoughts with Shark IQ Self Cleaning

Anyone have any direct experience either integrated with HA or not?
I did not see a Shark IQ integration under vacuums. Is there some sort of standard that they follow?

Link to the Shark Website to see which one I am talking about

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We’ve got one. Works pretty great. No open API that I know of which sucks because I’d love to see it in HA.

@jonwgeorge Thanks for the reply. That answers my question, I am looking for one that is integrated with HA.

We just purchased one last month. I had several irobots. I hated shelling out a good chunk of money for something that just bunch back and forth. The self-cleaning base, smart navigation, low price point is what had me sold with the shark iq. The only thing that i was truly bummed about after buying is loosing the integration w/ home assistant. Vacuum robot interrogation did not work for me.

Also, software on the shark iq is still in it’s infancy but as many as they sold recently, i am sure that it will get better in the near future.

I would like this aswell, I got one from a thift store for $130 and would love to use it with home assistant and get rid of another app.

Here’s the backend API if anyone can create a custom component