Any good ZigBee fan controller

Is there any good ZigBee fan controllers.

I currently have something like this Enbrighten, White & Light Almond, Z-Wave Plus Smart Fan Control, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, 3-Way Compatible, ZWave Hub Required, Repeater/Range Extender, 55258 - -

But want ZigBee and to eliminate the switch in self (I want to put the controller in the fan).

Unfortunately only one existed, the Hampton Bay Wink controller from Home Depot, and it is discontinued. I have one, and it’s range and reliability are not great anyway. As far as I know, there is no zigbee fan controller on the market anymore.

In zwave inovelli has one, but it’s out of stock

Probably the best route is to get the sonoff ifan03 which is wifi and just flash tasmota on it for easy home assistant integration. Here’s a thread with more info

SONOFF iFAN03 WiFi Ceiling Fan Light Controller, APP Control&Remote Control, Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home Assistant, No Hub Required(2.4G WiFi)


I see a lot of Z wave ones. Which is disappointing.

I really don’t want WiFi. I just like my devices on my network.

“smart remote” controlled fans:

Fast forward ~ 2 years, Innovelli now is going to roll out (read: pre-order) the blue series switch for fan (only - no light) control.
It is using zigbee, as titled. And, maybe with the feature that Innovelli offers, we could tie double click or long press etc. to control the smart bulb…?


The Inovelli fan switch looks interesting. It says July early August 2023 release. Still pre-order.

It doesn’t indicate whether it is an on/off fan switch or speed control. Usually, a fan switch will indicate 3 or 4 speeds.
Any ideas?

Should be 3 speeds for AC fans.

I just installed one of these and it connected to my zigbee controller with zero issues. With my ceiling fan with lights, the speed controller for the fan works as expected but the lights are not dimmable. Just on/off for the lights for me. Your ceiling fan might be different.

Receiver with zigby antenna for Gardinier ceiling fan model#43260

Receiver with zigby antenna for Gardinier ceiling fan model#43260 (win –

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That’s a good find!!

Are you using Z2M or ZHA?
What are the things (entities and/or services) available in HA?
Does the status of the fan/light got any update accordingly, if/when we control from the remote, which I suppose is RF?

What do you use for the switch(es) on the wall, to go along with this canopy unit?

This appears to be old stock of the discontinued hampton bay/wink controller I mentioned above. It allowed dimming, but actually required changing a dip switch on the remote control to enable the dimming function. Since the one linked doesn’t come with a remote, it seems it would be impossible to set it to dimming . This is the link from its manual discussing it.

On another note, I found that device extremely unreliable (at least in my setup). The device firmware floods the zigbee network with constant messages (anyone using this can enable the logs in their zigbee software to see all these messages). The constant messages and any being dropped caused it to lockup frequently, and its range was awful (my zigbee stick had to be in the same room as the device or it wouldn’t work). It caused my whole zigbee network to be unreliable as well. When it locked up, I had to flip the breaker to get it connect again. Initial pairing was easy, but if it lost connection and needing pairing again, it was a pain as you had to do this 10x toggle thing to reset it at exactly the right speed/sequence. I used it with Wink, Smarthings, and Home Assistant (zzh stick with zigbee2mqtt) and had issues across all platforms. I ended up pulling it out and replacing it - I felt there was a reason it was discontinued.

I have the sonoff ifan04 now- flashed with ESPHome

yep, that is where I got the info to start digging

I was about to hop on and rip a new one as I have had 1 of the gardinier connected for several weeks with no issue and no logging issues that you mentioned…


I just installed 2 more today so I could have all of my fans on the network. The second went fine with zero issues. Problems didn’t arise until I installed my third. Still no problems with the logging issues that you saw…but…it did blow up my zigbee network. None of my zigbee devices would communicate until those fan controllers were turned off. So far I have changed channels on my zigbee controller and now everything but the fan controllers are working. Going to try playing around with the one that was working to see if I can get repeatable errors that I can work with.

Funny enough, I had a similar problem with the ULTRALOQ Z-Wave Smart Lock. At some point it was causing the zwave network to crash.

using the nortek zigbee/zwave combo dongle so I am not sure if it is a fragility in that dongle or if it is a result of those particular products having issues. Will update if I find some answers

You generally won’t see errors in the logs - but if you set them to “debug” you will see these devices constantly are sending their status to the coordinator. At least that’s what I saw in zigbee2mqtt. This constant communication from the device is a problem, especially because you are using the nortek/zigbee combo device. That device has some pretty old specs at this point, and minimal processing power to handle such a chatty device. Many recommend avoiding that combo stick all together- see this post and many others for discussion on that combo stick. I would recommend separate zwave and zigbee sticks - at least that would isolate problems to one or the other, instead of bringing down both networks if the stick locks up.

Running those zigbee fan controllers with your setup is a recipe for disaster.

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This won’t help your immediate need, but just FYI:

Inovelli has a new canopy controller in beta. It is targeted for a 02/2024 release (but targets can move).

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thanks for the tip on the usb stick. I turned on debug but still not seeing the chatter that you saw. I am using ZHA so maybe that is a difference. There was the initial logging items and then it was a polling hit/response every minute for each of the fan controllers and that was as chatty as it got. :woman_shrugging:

So far to fix the network I have:

  • turned HA/proxmox off for an hour (saw that on another post somewhere…)
  • unplugged the usb stick for 20 minutes
  • changed channels from 15 to 20 and back to 15 with a couple hours in between
  • triggered the zigbee “update configuration” between each channel change and restarted ha between each change
  • went to sleep

Not sure what combination of things worked but when I woke up everything was talking on the zigbee network as normal and all 3 fan controllers are working fine. :woman_shrugging:

But I still can’t add any new zigbee devices so I think I will get off of the old usb stick and get a split setup for zigbee and zwave. If that doesn’t work either then I have some of the sonoff zbminis that I will try. hooking one up to the lights and one up to the fan should work the same, just more of a pita to manage.

Mine was pretty old, maybe they upgraded the firmware to fix it. If so, that is probably a good sign for you. Also good it reconnected (mine would never reconnect and needed a factory reset when it lost connection). Maybe mine was just defective too.

At this point you can give a better zigbee stick a try and hope for the best.

hello, I’m interested too to this discussion…

someone knows if it would be possible to use an AC light dimmer to regulate the speed of an AC fan?
for instance this one:

as far as imagine, it makes just a PWM, so it should work (but the power consumption of the fan should be <150W of course)
what do you think?


It might work, but is not safe. Light dimmers aren’t designed for fan loads. You’ll possibly burn out the switch, the fan, or the house.

If it were safe, they would market it as such.

No, there are overheating and fire hazards. Although this post was from Smartthings, it explains why it isn’t a good idea pretty well