Any guides on migrating from Supervised to OS

I installed supervised on RPi4/4gb/SSD some time ago, I needed the Pi to do other things (PiHole, Syslog logging, NTP server, etc). Those needs no longer exist (or can move to RPi3) and I’m getting ‘Unsupported System’ warnings that I don’t want to deal with. So I’m thinking the OS route would be less hassle.

Is it as simple as doing a full backup, download backup, wipe SSD, fresh OS install, upload backup and then restore?


Yes it is.

You may have to make small adjustments, like for the System Monitor network adaptor, if you use that integration.

Also to ensure the best possible success of transferring all your database data the database should be stopped before making the full backup.

Thanks, went smoothly and seems to run way better.

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