Any hope to get hue.hue_activate_scene back?

had this nifty little Hue scene selector working with the hue.hue_activate_scene service.

Updating Hassio from 065.1 broke that in my settings (adding to several other Hue issues), first, 0.68.1 didn’t bring it back.

Is there any hope we get the hue.hue_activate_scene back, as basic functionality, using the regular scenes built into Hue ?

    alias: Set Hue scene
      - service: hue.hue_activate_scene
          group_name: '{{ states.input_select.hue_groups.state }}'
          scene_name: '{{ states.input_select.hue_scenes.state }}'

This is working fine for me, do you have any errors?

yes, nothing happening except for 1 hue-group… all others do nothing any more with the scenes that worked just fine before.
im not the only one: "hue.hue_activate_scene" not working consistently since 0.66 · Issue #13685 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Have you changed the name of the group? The group and scene name must match exactly the ones on the hub.

no i have done nothing but update from 0.65.1 to 68.0 and 68.1…
resulting in many Hue issues, this being one of them

No idea then, sorry.

which version Hassio do you run? Maybe I have to go back…

Not hassio. Homeassistant, 0.68.1 at the moment.

ok cool, im on Hassio, also .68.1

just for reference:

as said, hope its gets solved any time soon…:wink:

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I have changed my hue scenes so they are all unique & they work fine. For example previously I had…

group_name: 'Outside'
scene_name: 'Full'

group_name: "Living Room"
scene_name: 'Full'


group_name: 'Outside'
scene_name: "Outside Full"

group_name: "Living Room"
scene_name: "Living Room Full"

Also by doing this I realized that I can template the automation a step further to only use one input_select for all scenes…

- service: hue.hue_activate_scene
        group_name: >
          {% if states.input_select.hue_select_scene_test.state|first == "L" %}
          Living Room
          {% elif states.input_select.hue_select_scene_test.state|first == "O" %}
          {% endif %}
        scene_name: >
          {{ states.input_select.hue_select_scene_test.state }}`

that is certainly valuable, but I was simply looking to implement the standard Hue scenes, that are still there. It is because of the new Hue implementation in Hassio (asyncio) this doesn’t work anymore, and it should be reinstalled soon, i hope.

Besides that, I will have a deeper look at what you suggest here, might indeed be very nice for the adjusted user scenes.

Sorry to raise this from the dead, but I’ve noticed that hue_activate_scene works when group_name is a Hue Room or an HA light group. But it does not work if the group_name is a Hue LightGroup.