Any idea on controlling this RF controlled led strip?

Our installation downstairs has a LED strip aligned along the way of the console and we turn them on manually with a RF remote to control the power/brightness of the LED strip.
I have awesome stuff like Home Assistant & Alexa in place but haven’t been able to figure out how I could control this RF ledstrip. Previously when I wanted to decode signals being sent over RF, I’d use my Arduino loaded with some code to grab the codes and then let Home Assistant send them. This however does not work with the remote & controller for the led strips.
Does anybody have an idea on how I could get the correct code signals to control this led strip?

Remote controller (the rainbow circle is not enabled and can’t be pressed)

Controller to regulate the power to the strips through that relay I guess?

Wiring of the controller to what I suspect is a power supply. The blue/white wires go up to the led strips

Vision-EL seems to be the brand of this controller/power supply.

I have one of those and I just tried it with RFLink (Ver.0.47) but it didn’t work, have you tried with pilight (you can get an esp8266 version as well as rpi3 version), btw the little square one is the controller and the big brick is the PSU.

EDIT: Broadlink RM Pro does save the codes, however I don’t know if they work as mine isn’t currently connected up :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool I thought about getting a Broadlink RM Pro. Will order one today and see if it works. Maybe I’ll order a Sonoff RF bridge as well to see if that works.

This remote is probably using 2.4Ghz. Can you check that if it is written somewhere on the remote or the controller?
If it does, then you need a nrf24l01 module to do the work and somehow you integrate it into HA.