Any integrations with iSmartGate [Pro]?

In HA 0.115, I noticed a new gogogate2/iSmartGate Pro integration request!

It may actually be working again. So far, it seems to only support open/close, i.e. no battery level tracking. But it’s a start.

We have a 3 garage device, but we only have one garage door atm.

The new integration supports both Gogogate2 AND iSmartgate Pro, 1-3 doors, but not temperature and battery voltage from the doorsensors. Maybe in next release? Battery voltage would be useful, temperature would only show the door temperature…


Totally new to HA but liking it so far. iSmartGate was auto discovered for me. Now would love the battery sensor - they seem to die quickly for me.

Ditto. Eventually, hopefully. I’m not sure what methods they’re using to gain the info - hopefully through their official (un-official) undocumented API. If so, then there should be a way to find that.

Same here I would love to get this into Home assistant, I can see a Homekit integration here with Homebridge:
That is only for the missing sensors maybee someone can use them? :slight_smile:

do the gate sensor accessories for ismartgate integrate with HA?