Any integrations with the Yi Pro 2K camera?

I have several “very old” and “just old” Yi cameras that I’ve successfully integrated using alternate firmwares. It seems the trick is finding which FW support which models. There are so many generations of releases it isn’t quite as easy as it seems.

More recently, it looks like Yi has come out with their Yi Pro 2K model. Does anyone know if there is ongoing development for this model? I can’t find what model #s correspond to this version.

Have you tried “Generic Camera” Integration ?
Yi Home Cameras - Home Assistant.

In Above url, you find the github repos where you can post a FR for your cam model

I don’t have the new 2K models, so I am unable to assess if any current integration works. Hence my generalized question.

The URL you listed is for several older models and where I started my journey in integrating my older cameras.

After further research into the new Pro 2k models, many reviews are very harsh in criticism for the ads displayed in their native app if the subscription is not purchased. I think that by itself will turn off many HA users and make this cheap camera very offputting as an option.