Any interest in LED dimmers custom built for ESPHome?

I couldn’t find The Perfect LED Controller, so I made a few custom boards to be 5-channel LED dimmers for myself. They’re tiny backpacks for a d1_mini with a DC jack on one side, pin headers with 3.3v-friendly MOSFETs on the other, and a few other components in between.

They’re basically MagicHome devices, except:

  • Definitely compatible with ESPHome, no wondering which version of MagicHome you’re gonna get
  • You can use an ESP32, with that delicious flicker-free high-frequency LEDC PWM
  • Clean design which can easily handle several amps per channel, no flimsy wires
  • All packaged up in a little cube ready to be heat-shrinked to the end of an aluminum LED channel

I’m going to make some minor revisions to the design and make another half-dozen for myself, but I can make more if other people are interested in buying some. This would be for people comfortable doing a little DIY - solder on some pins, supply your own d1 Mini, flash ESPHome yourself, etc.

How many would people be interested in at, say, $10 each?

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Beautiful build! Where are you located or in the sunny san jose! In other words how much shipping fees are expected to europe?

Thanks! It looks like around USD $20-30 to France. If enough people are interested, I can use Fulfillment By Amazon which can do it cheaper.

The v0.3 boards arrived and are working! The main change is using screw terminals instead of a DC jack so I can daisy-chain a few of them, and flipping the design upside down so the components live between the two boards.

I have about a dozen extras if people want them.

Next up I’m going to make a little printed enclosure to attach them to the ends of the strips.