Any luck with Devolo Key Fob?

I just bought one of these on eBay (Devolo Four Button Key Fob which I think is the same as the KFob) but am really struggling to add it to my network with OZWCP and was wondering if anyone else has managed to add one.

I have found some instructions on line for the KFob which suggests that I need to factory reset it by pressing all four buttons to get in to management mode and then press button four for four seconds to reset. After that it should be as simple as entering management mode and then pressing button one (or three depending on the firmware).

Unfortunately OZWCP does not seem to recognise anything :frowning:


Did you find any answer to your question ?

My zipato keypad doesn’t work anymore and I was wondering if devolo key fob could replace it.

Yes… but it was three years ago and I can’t for the life of me remember how I did it!

Once I got it working it was rock solid though…

I don’t use it now - I’ll post it to you if it’s not too expensive and you can try it. PM me your details if you want or country / location at least so I can work out how much postage will be.