Any luck with full integration of Tuya based robotic vacuum?

Hi everybody!

Just wondering if any one of you had any luck and succeeded to fully integrate a Tuya based robovac?

I have AIRROBO T10+

I’ve managed to integrate it with Tuya integration, but it’s just a basic stuff like start/stop/dock/ping. The same goes for LocalTuya.

I tried to install this map extractor:

[tuya_cloud_map_extractor/ at main · oven-lab/tuya_cloud_map_extractor · GitHub

Although I managed to pull the map, I can’t seem to find a way how to do something with it, I just see it in HA.

That was never the goal, though. The main thing I’d be interested in is to be able to pull room commands. There must be a specific command send when I select e.g. kitchen and tap start, and a different command when I select kitchen with the dining area in SmartLife app, right?

Have any one of you integrated it?

Any help, even the smallest pointer, would be much appreciated. :pray: