Any Node Red Flows Please

Has anyone managed to come up with a Node Red Flow that will allow the introduction of any of the available options or know of any Palettes that can be installed to set the options easily?

Thank you.

Can you be more specific? What “options”? It might help if you write out what you’re looking to do.

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Sorry I had posted this originally in the Android Companion App section, someone seems to have moved it to here!!

I Just wondered if anyone had a flow that would allow us to send & receive notifications - reload destinations etc to and from the Android Companion App.


There’s plenty of ways to do this in NodeRed. You can use HA’s native notify services or you can use other push type services as well (chances are there’s a pallete for pretty much any messaging service available). I personally use Pushover and Slack as I have a ton of services tied into them beyond HA and they are really simple to implement.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Destinations as in Google Maps type of destinations or something else?

Are you referring tot the new push notification features of companion app? you should call a service with a like this to send a notification with image and action buttons.

    "message": "Clik on one of the buttons",
    "title": "Take action",
    "data": {
        "image": "",
        "actions": [
                "action": "yes",
                "title": "Yes"
                "action": "no",
                "title": "No"

then you need to listen for mobile_app_notification_action event on the HA side to trigger automation based on the action button clicked.