Any off-the-shelf (non-DIY) local (Zigbee ideally but others ok) bed occupancy detection sensor?

The only non-DIY I could find is the withings one but it seems to require the cloud which I’m not willing to do for bed sensing.
Thanks all!

This sensor is both off the shelf and zigbee, yet still nominally DIY… :grin:

Have you considered one of the radar-based occupancy sensors like the Aqara FP2, etc?

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Thanks vm.
Yes, in fact I do own an FP2 but it’s still in the box. I have plans for it for this weekend for room occupancy. Could you advise how it can be used for bed? I guess because if it’s precision coupled with the fact you cannot really… walk in the area of the bed so if you are there it must mean you are lying in it :slight_smile: ?

I don’t have an FP2 myself, but my understanding is that you can set up discreet zones and track occupancy by zone.

I have seen a few posts where people have mounted some of the smaller mm wave devices under the bed pointing up, but the degree of success and reliability seem to be highly dependent on the types and thicknesses of material between the sensor and top of the mattress.

Also, you may be able to create something that is both accurate- and reliable-enough for your needs without adding hardware, by taking advantage of the Bayesian binary sensor integration.

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I don’t think’d like having a sensor sitting on the floor underneath my bed. Though I could technically mount it on the underside of the bed.
But that bayesian binary sensor is amazing!! I think I’d definitely look into using it for other things as well!!