Any one interested in buying Sonoff Basic Tasmota 6.5.0 Core 2.3.0 for cost

Hi All

First of all i apologies if this isn’t allowed and against the rules, This isn’t about making money its about offering something to the community at cost price.

Top and bottom of the story is i bought 100 sonoff basics (Version 2) Im selling x90 of them I’ve soldered header pins on them and flashed them with latest tasmota. (6.5.0 Core 2.3.0) And then i completely changed my plans on a project I’m working on so don’t need them anymore. I want £5 each for them which is cheaper than anywhere in the uk and I’ve done all the leg work with soldering and flashing. the downside is i want to sell them all in one go (£450 for 90) unfortunately this is UK only, Ideally some one in the north of england who could collect would be perfect.

Again apologies if this isn’t allowed.

Leave a msg on here or private msg me

Decided to go Shelly?

No It’s a full building refurb so I’ve got the luxury of wiring all my lights to one central junction box… then raspberry pi’s With GPIO to MQTT is the way forward for me