Any plans for Home Assistant conference 2022 / State of the Open Home?

I was wondering whether there are any plans in the making for a Home Assistant conference 2022. The last two years it was done online, I guess mainly because of covid. There were some interesting presentations during the last two conferences.

However this year it seems to be possible to organise a conference on a physical venue, like the one in 2019 in Amsterdam at the ING office:

A great presentation by @balloob looking neat dressed up in a jacket.

I am guessing online events and videomeetings are getting more and more common, however I personally would definitely like to attend a physical event on Home Assistant.

However regarding covid it still seems unsure how it will develop in the winter times of the Northern hemisphere. I can imagine it can be risky to organise something in November or December with possibly governments setting up restrictions on larger events.

If it will be in Amsterdam again, I offer the use of my professional sound system for free, we could let the conference turn over in a party later on the day :smiley:


Yes, that would be a great idea! I am in :partying_face: also for the Party - f´great idea @BebeMischa!

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