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HI, it me Byron from Washington. i just want know about Home Assistant for integrations i know i am full Deaf Sign Language. i try search for Bed Shaker want know what kind of can match for home Assistant for example clock alarm with Vibration shaker for bed and fire alarm use with flash but just want know which match for that home assistant intergration? i am first time join member.


You need to look for something that either:

  • advertises Home Assistant compatibility; or
  • has an open network API where you can operate the device via wifi, but not only through a proprietary app.

I think your going to be hard-pressed to find any assistive devices that integrate directly with Home Assistant. Almost all of these devices rely on proprietary communication protocols… mostly to keep customers within their ecosystem. The few that offer smartphone apps rarely support direct external input into the apps. You may be able to leverage the Home Assistant Companions App’s ability to initiate notifications to trigger the assistive device’s app functions.

If you enjoy DIY it wouldn’t be too hard to hook up any vibration motor with ESPHome.

There are lots of zigbee, zwave and wifi smoke alarms that will connect with home assistant, e.g. the Aqara smart smoke alarm.

And there are huge numbers of smart light bulbs that home assistant can control. It would be a simple matter to flash these if the smoke alarm was triggered.

However, without a lot of failsafes, like UPS battery backup for your home assistant hub and other network hardware, and active monitoring for disconnected devices I would be reluctant to recommend it for life critical automation.

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I have a moderate/severe hearing loss myself and I use an Android smartwatch for alarms. When Home Assistant sends a notification to my phone the watch vibrates, so it shouldn’t be difficult to write automations to send vibration alerts for door bells or fire alarms.

You’ll need to research which bells and alarms integrate with Home Assistant - there’s a (long) list of integrations here:

Similarly, it should be quite straightforward to make lights flash when the doorbell rings etc.

Be warned, though, this doesn’t come cheap. Home Assistant itself is free but the devices it connects can be quite expensive - if you keep at it for a couple of years you may be surprised how much you’ve spent!

Good luck.

thanks for clarify…