Any recommendations updating from 98.5 to 107.2?

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I’d like to hit the update button on the tab system page but there are two updates.OS and Home Assistant. If I update in the wrong order what happens?

I’m running straight on a RPi 3B+. I’ve snapshot the running installation and did an image copy of the SD card. Just wondering what the right next step is.



Use the addon to check your config against latest version?

There’s likely going to be a lot to change. Set aside some time and work through errors one by one.

And definitely get ssh addon installed spring you can do the work via command line when front end won’t start.

read all the breaking changes of each version between 0.98 and 0.107 and make the relevant changes to your files

Upgrade one version at a time using the command line.

Sort out the breaking changes as per the relevant blog post.

Upgrade to the next version.

Repeat. might be useful


Hey thanks for the suggestions folks. After reading all the breaking changes, I’m thinking I’ll build a 0.107.7 system from scratch then add pieces of my configuration, scripts, and automations a little at a time to debug. The total number of breaking changes that caused a lot of people upgrade grief seems like an iterative process upgrading one release at a time. It made my head swim with all the changes.

My system is running great but with the Ring changes, I lost some HA functionality thus prompting the upgrade effort. With this approach, I hope to simply put my running SD card back in when I’m not working on the new build.

Now to order another SD card, possibly an ssd if I’m going to put in the effort.

Cheers and thanks,


Don’t forget that many ‘breaking changes’ won’t even apply to your config. ie: you don’t use the affected integration, so it may not be that bad…

Thanks Dave.
I realize that, but looking for the ones that may affect my configuration makes my head hurt.
It shouldn’t be that bad since I decided to go to an SSD when I do it. First I’ll get it running HA, then I’ll worry about my integrations working.