Any setting to allow user to set their own layout

I was wondering if there was a way to add a setting that allows a user to choose from multiple different layouts I have created. These different layouts would have different groups, views, and home pages. I see a use case would be if I have a floating tablet in my home theater I would want the home screen for that client to show Plex info, lights for that room, the thermostat for that room etc. This would also all me to set views per room in one layout, and then views per device type, etc. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated!
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I am still fairly new at Home Assistant, but so far I have been able to get what you are asking about to work in HASSIO.

If you setup a group and view: yes that group will be put into its own tab, selected at the top of the page, next to Home.

  name: weather
  view: yes
  - group.weather_group

  name: Local Weather
   - sensor.dark_sky_temperature
   - sensor.dark_sky_apparent_temperature
   - sensor.dark_sky_pressure
   - sensor.dark_sky_humidity
   - sensor.dark_sky_precip_intensity
   - sensor.dark_sky_precip_probability
   - sensor.dark_sky_wind_speed
   - sensor.dark_sky_wind_bearing

Also a YouTube video explains how to do most of the changes:
How to Manage the Home Assistant User Interface

Well I know how to create different views. However I am wanting to create a setting that allows a user to toggle between different views that I have setup. So different configured views that only become available if you toggle the layout design

I’m still pretty new at this…

A simple idea would be to have different Input Booleans that trigger automations that show/hide what you want. Think of them likes modes. The problem is that this wouldn’t be on a per-user basis.