Any smart water meter recommendations?

Hi guys, I am looking for a water meter that could easily be attached to the water pipe (no need to modify ) and monitor my water usage. More importantly, I would like to retrieve the data through API or MQTT or something to integrate with my own system.

Kind of like the product of StreamLab water meter, but the issue of it is the water usage data the API can provide is hourly data (You could see it in the attachment). I want more detailed data for example every minute even every second .

Are there any recommendations from you?! I appreciated your help!!

I’m using Flume and it works great with Home Assistant.

Thanks for your reply. I know Flume, but what’s the time interval of the data you could get from it? every minute or second?

I never knew these existed, thanks!

Does the Flume “bridge” device communicate directly with HA, or is it a cloud-to-cloud solution, requiring HA to use some sort of API back to the Flume server?

I suspect this is similar to the device the water company strapped to my meter so that it could be read from outside the house. In which case I probably can’t add the Flume without removing the water company’s device. But I’ll double check.

The API allows update once pr minute which is I believe similar to the App that’s available for your smartphone.

Thank you. Does this device still update in HA if your internet access is down? I’m trying to figure out whether or not you need to use the manufacturer’s cloud (server) for this to work.

I doubt that it works without internet. Not that I have tried or know for sure.
I’m reasoning based on the fact that the API has limits on update rate.

It’s all cloud based, the web site doesn’t list anything about a local API.
Nonetheless have it and I am happy with it. I wish the away mode API could be implemented in HA

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Why not build your own device: DIY Inductive Zigbee water meter