Any solution to Google Home Emulated Hue

Is there any current solution to get this working? I tried downloading older apk’s and they all either don’t let you detect the Hue locally and require you to login or they don’t let you into the settings until you update.

Is there any way around this?

with the new version of homeassistant you don’t need Emulated Hue anymore. I removed mine on as soon as Homeassistant supports Google Home directly :slight_smile:

I saw that, but I just don’t feel comfortable exposing my HA instance publicly.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve used Echo devices for more than a year now with the Hue emulator and HA. I recently grabbed a few Google Home Mini’s and really like it so far, but having to expose my HA instance makes me uncomfortable.

Is there no workaround for this at all? Even for those of us that may have had Alexa / Echo devices setup with hue emulator prior/