Any success with this Wifi RGB controller?

Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to find any post on this, so thought I’d ask if anybody has got this (WiFi SPI RF Music Dual Channel 2048 Pixels Magic Home Pro RGB/RGBW Alexa LED Controller) working with Home Assistant?

I’ll put the model number here so that anybody else can find it if this comes up again: BWCDS-HCQ1-R28A4

Please check this: Flux LED/MagicHome - Home Assistant

Thanks, that helps, but not exactly clear if it is in the supported list…?

I was mostly relying on this part if you can control the device with the MagicHome app

That’s an Addressable v3. Aka 0xA3

It’s on the supported list

I would be quite surprised if you could find a new in box Magic Home branded device for sale today that isn’t on the supported list.

The unsupported list contains a lot of discontinued devices or ones that may have never even gone into production.

If you do somehow manage to find a device for sale on the unsupported list, please do let me know.

Hello everyone, do you know if its possible to flash the controller with esphome on this one? i wasn’t able to find the board reference and all the pinouts for the leds and the integrated mic. When you open the casing it does have the 4 flash pins (3.3V, GND, TX and RX) so I guess it should be possible to wire flash it with esphome firmware via ftdi?