Any Support for Midea A/C?

Mean this one? GitHub - mac-zhou/midea-msmart: This is a library to allow communicating to a Midea AC via the Local area network.
But the ESPHome Dongle is much more stable :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, that’s the one I used. I don’t have a dongle on mine unfortunately, and being in the middle of a massive heat wave I’m not really willing to risk disassembling my AC to find it at the moment :rofl:

For now, this seems to work, even if the device shows unavailable half the time (it did when using the Midea app too, I assume it’s wifi module is just crappy)

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No feedback on this one?

Not really…
Can you see the led on the esp01 flashing?
Should flash about once every seconds (indicating serial communication)
Oh…wait…this is not about the esp01 dongle, but the midea custom addon…

Not sure if that still works…especially with latest version updates it is problematic.

I have used it for 1 week and was then fed up with it, and I’m happy I got the esp01…

I can you recommend one… if you’re not comfortable making one yourself, you can order a prebuilt one as mentioned in this thread.
Succes ermee :wink:

just ordered 4 :slight_smile:

Hello! I have devloped the PRO version of Midea dongle

  • pre-flashed and ready to use, just plug&play;
  • connection to home WiFi via web interface, no flashing required;
  • autodiscovery in HomeAssistant;
  • hundreads of users of my sticks around the word;
  • PRO means that it allows users to connect additional sensors (like PIR, sound, light, relay, and ay other types of sensors een without soldering) - have a look on photos by the link.
  • factory soldering.

Available at:

s-l5001 (1)

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Does anyone know if it is possible to use the component (that i would use on d1 mini ) with the Midea Right air conditioner? On the specifications reports the wifi ce-sk103 (and not ce-Osk103)
Thanks very much

The new version already supports 8370.Need to get token and k1.

adb logcat | grep doKeyAgree
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Thank you for hard work! Appreciated!

Don’t worry about the model, just run the following command on a machine on the LAN to know if it is supported.

pip3 install msmart

Thank you very much @mac_zhou ! New version with V3 work like a charm.

After latest msmart update with my so far perfect OSK-102 I receive (integration unavailable) and:

Source: /home/pi/homeassistant/lib/python3.8/site-packages/msmart/
First occurred: 11. august 2021 23:38:24 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 11. august 2021 23:38:24
aes_decrypt error: ValueError('Data must be aligned to block boundary in ECB mode') - data: b8ef3ce0bb99ff143f7b56cef08efaf00ae4a118329a84d433196fad29362c4d18553c158dda08b20f6f593b287191b855b9a77a26e0b09b122a114a21d370b25a5a011168004 etc.

Can I roll back msmart somehow or what is going on?
Best, JR

Hi! I have Royal Clima AC made by Midea and OSK103 Module.
And I can’t get token and K1.
Could you make a little more detailed instruction?

Fix this problem in the next version

Seems like i have the same issue, very unstable since latest update.
Mine is also a OSK-102 module.

try new version msmart==0.1.29

Hi I Tried new version, I will let you know if it stays stable, Thanks.

Already stable for >1 hr

I can’t seem to get anything from adb logcat when filtering for doKeyAgree. I can see com.midea is logging in the adroid device bridge, but nothing in regard to token and k1. I have a device with OSK103. Does anyone had a similar issue that they know how to resolve?