Any supported Fingerprint door locks?

Aliexpress has hundreds for door locks that has fingerprint and NFC card readers.
is any of them fully supported?
i would like to have automations based on who entered the house.
edit: i searched the forum!

i will love it if you show me what posts you have found that answers my question.

Sorry, i don’t intend to go through hundreds of door locks on Aliexpress, your question was “wide” open, so was the “Search” in this Forum( And i guess the “result” got you “tired” ), However you might be able to refine a search, but do use i.e brands/feature/models, and you could even add the word “aliexpress” ( if that essential) in your search ( i do know i have seen someone that mention that few supported devices was available on Alieexpress, no date/year mentioned ), someone even mention a “list” somewhere with door-locks supported by HA, which seems to me like the right way/order to look/search for Devices

bumping, in case anyone has a real answer.