Any tips on rebooting?

im still trying out code and so every now and then I stuff my config and I end up waiting till the samba mounts so I can quick view the log find the line and fix. but when this happens and I save the yaml I cant reboot the system using “reboot” via ssh.
all that does is shut down the ssh and not let me login again until I physically turn off and on.

reboot the specific container .
for example if you made a change to the configuration.yaml of the home-assistant.
you only need to restart home-assistant container.
docker restart homeassistant // homeassistant is the name of the container

use this to see all the running containers : docker ps
and this for containers that has exit : docker ps -a
note: if you make a mistake on the configuration.yaml the home-assistant container has exit.

you can also use the docker log homeassistant to see the live or last message of the container .

note: if you see an error about docker running follow the Manage Docker as a non-root user from here

more about docker command here:

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I just realised after reading
that I can reboot from within the app itself.

Yes everting can done with UI

and if UI not responding due error in configuration, how can i reboot ?

with hassio CLI inside ssh addon

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I’ll be the first to admit that I suck at RTFM, some form of adult ADD…
I had no idea there were hassio commands to be used under SSH. Thanks!