Any tutorials for creating an sensor (from a public swagger rest api documentation)

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right subforum for this. But I have an energy meter reader from oss ( which is a Norwegian company. I live in an apartment complex and don’t have physical contact with the meter from my apartment but luckily the oss thingy has a 4G IoT connection so they have an app on my mobile where I can see live information. They also have a public API that I thought could be used in HA. My programming skills aren’t so up to date and haven’t tried python much. I was wondering if there are any good tutorials and so on for taking a rest API from swagger and turn into a sensor in HA…

Link to the API: Swagger UI (
For people who isn’t dependent on the 4G connection there is an direct mbus reader on their github page: Oss · GitHub

Have you found any good tutorials on this?

No, I didn’t

Too bad. There is an integration to Homey.
I guess all competent HA people just switched to tibber.

Basically everything you need is here:

Depending on your requirements maybe another one of the REST integrations is better suited:

There is no way to make a general tutorial as every API is different. Going through the documentation and testing is up to every tinkerer himself :wink:
There’s tons of information on the internet how REST APIs work.

True. It’s just me lacking the developer knowledge/capacity.

No need to develop anything. You can do this without a single line of actual code.
First get familiar with REST and the different API requests. For your use case you only need GET and POST.
Here is a short introduction, takes 5 Minutes to read. There’s a ton of more information on the internet.

If you use Windows you need to install cURL or use a tool like PuTTY to make your requests. There are even online tools like this one, where you can start right away:

In your documentation there are 3 steps to get a token. Go through these steps, then you should have a token. In step 3 it is explained that you then have acess to their MQTT broker and get your meter data from there. There’s enough information around HA and MQTT out there and I’m not the expert here.

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Thanks for constructive information and pushing!