Any updates to Z-Wave?

I have been using -Wave on my HA system for a number of years now and have the Z-Wave Graph module that shows like:

and OZWCP I know when I get some devices that don’t fully get recognized apparently I need updated Z-Wave versions that have the info on the devices. Is there newer integration that doesn’t require setting up different docker containers or anything and what about transitioning over my current setup if there is an option without having to set everything up again?

I’m not much an expert around here, but I was keeping up with the state of zwave in HA when some important changes came along. Mainly, zwaveJS! Sounds like you haven’t been around the HA fold for a bit… you should read up on zwavejs. From your previous setup, you’re probably going to want to run it with zwavejs2mqtt. Here’s probably the best place to start reading (don’t miss the “Migrating Guides” at the bottom of the OP):

Unfortunately, at the time I switched to zwjs, there was no automagic script available to transfer your existing entities to the new integration. Pretty much everyone at the time had to go through renaming all their entities again when they setup zwavejs. This was just busy work though; before upgrading be sure to save a list of all your node#'s and the enitity id associated in HA. Then you have to just use that list to rename all the new nodes that pop up in the new integration (node#'s will be same as that stays on your stick/controller).

By now there may actually be a script to do this though; been almost a year since I did it manually.

A migration tool is coming next release, I.e wednesday


And as you said petro, Wednesday and here it is. So I have the Z-Wave (import from configuration.yaml) Z-Wave (deprecated) version. So am I now supposed to go to Configuration > Integration > Add Integration > Z-Wave JS? Then Configure it?

It may already be installed by the way. I went in to add it before but backed out however since have had this:

Also in my configuration.yaml i have added values like:

      polling_intensity: 10
      polling_intensity: 10

Where do things like this go now?