Any way of monitoring whether HA is reachable

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I use HA automations to notify me when certain things happen (i.e. NVR goes offline, alarm gets disarmed, etc.). This works great since HA is always running, but I would also like to be notified when HA itself goes offline / becomes unreachable.

In such scenarios, the cause might be a power outage, a network issue, or simply the HA device switched off. Since HA is then out of action, I guess the solution would be some sort of cloud service that can be set up to do this health monitoring of the HA device, that then notifies you when your device becomes unreachable. Anyone know of any services that can do this?

As a bit of a whacky ‘pie in the sky’ idea, maybe we could use HA itself to keep an eye on HA.

Imagine we could set up a ‘master’ HA instance in the cloud which could then monitor all of our individual HA instances (i.e. our HA instances would simply be treated as binary sensors in the master HA instance). Then, when your personal HA instance becomes unreachable (goes to an ‘off’ state), the master could send out the relevant notifications (i.e. implemented as an automation).

Just thinking out loud… :slight_smile:

This looks like something simple that can at least monitor whether the HA front end is reachable, and send an email notification when required:

I have an esp8266 that monitors my raspberry pi (amongst other things) and sends a notification via SimplePush when it goes down.

i have a second RPI (an old one) which minutely checks if HA is running and if the RPI is still running.
when thats not the case it restarts the RPI with HA.
it also sends a notification if something is wrong.

but an poweroutage wouldnt be notified, because the second RPI stops running then :wink:
i could think of a backuppower for the control RPI, but the network would also be down with a power outage.
but then again, i am not away that much and i cant do much when the power goes down anyway :wink:

This is how I’ve been doing it since I started with HA:

Works great for me.


This is another option:

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I think you can use tasker on android as a watchdog timer. I would have tasker set a 1 hr alarm and then have HA reset that alarm every hour. I have an iphone so im not entirely sure that tasker can do this.

Nice, but 15 minutes is a long time between checks IMO. The link I provided is immediate notification via email and/or SMS.

Another free option. Thanks for the link @CCOSTAN.

I added a new job to monitor my HA front end. The cron job simply grabs a file (i.e. CSS file) from my HA front end:

If it cannot get the file, I get an email notification. Checks every minute.

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I use: