Any way to auto test Amazon Alexa skill (HA) is valid?

I have Amazon Alexa / Echo voice integration via the “free” method - using AWS etc. It works like a charm, BUT every so often, a few times a year, it becomes unpresponsive “I’m sorry, Lounge Lights is not responding”… and always its because the Home Assistant skill in the Amazon Alexa app needs “refereshing” - i,e, Disable skill, then re-enable (and enter your username and password for HA). Then it works perfectly again. (Note this HA skill is one you create in AWS when setting the whole thing up - at least I think it is! Was a very long winded process to enable it all, following a YT tutorial)

Anyone know how to monitor this is working and get an alert when it needs re-doing? I know you might say, “the alert is the fact it stops working!” :slight_smile: but its often late at night, or, we have house sitters and are away for months at a time and only find out when they email me out of frustration.