Any Way to Bundle a Custom Card with a Custom Integration?

Hi Everyone,

I understand that Home Assistant backend is clearly separated from the frontend, however I am wondering if there is a way I can have my custom integration automatically install and enable custom cards to represent the data coming in from my custom integration. Right now, the best solution seems to be to have users install the custom cards separately from HACS, although this would just add complication. Is there any way this is possible, or are there any integrations that I could look at as an example for how to implement this? Thank you all for your help.

Lock Code Manager implements a custom dashboard definition with the integration. So, something is probably possible.

This integration also has a custom card.

I do also with an integration i maintain. Also added versions to it so that it updates correctly when new version included in release. Was finding that people had to shift f5 to load the updated one due to caching. See the init file in the frondend folder where i put all the registration code in a class.