Any way to capture all MQTT status lines for viewing?

Hi all,
Just wondering, Is there any way to capture all data sent from a device (Likely Espurna 1.13.3) and automatically populate/generate entries for the data? Maybe saving this data as read-only in a group?

Just wondering about this as occasionally I might just want to see some arbitrary field of data and it’d be easy to just switch to another view rather than have to search MQTT history data using another app.



I usually just use node-red and subscripe to the # topic when I’m trying to debug MQTT messages

Yeah. I use Mosquito on the PC for the same but I find it a bit clumsy. Having a page full of the data would be amazingly useful and easier to read.

I think there is some sort of MQTT discovery feature, I’ve not used it however.

Thete are windows applications like mqtt.fx which may help.