Any way to install Cloudflare Argo Tunnel with HA OS?

I’m running home assistant os on a raspberry pi 4, was looking for a way to install Cloudflare Argo
(I already use CloudFlare for team, CloudFare Access and CloudFlare Firewall) but I wanted to add a extra layer of security with Argo Tunnel.

Argo Tunnel can be install from docker, so surely its could be added to HA’s ADD-ON

Did you ever figure this out?

I’m considering switching from PiHole to HA and this is one question I had about making the switch.

no, one of the add-on (ZeroTier One) is doing nearly the something, but I really want to use Argo Tunnel, I can of give up on the idea for now and only use Cloudflare Access

Tried this? Working OK for me

Happy to see people actually using it!

How do I add your add-on. I tried add via repositories but isn’t successful. Thx for your work in advance. I HV been searching how to install cf argo Tunnel for 2 days now.

Consider reading about this one…

Thanks :slight_smile: It’s working like charm. I ran into hiccups with my rpi3B running HassOS a bit. First I can’t add the repositories but after I restart the server. It works perfect.

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Yeah I’m using it, thanks!
I have it setup to require authentication through Cloudflare first. Ran into some issues with the iOS app not able to update location, but found out just needed to make sure the webhooks wern’t behind authentication.

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not sure what do I do wrong, but at first I have a firewall issue which I resolved. but after than I’m having a plain page, just white background nothing at all, whatever the client I’m using…
I don’t see any issue with my config.

when I copy the IP from the configuration (local IP+ port) it’s redirecting just fine, its just the Argo link/or CNAM redirection that doesn’t work.

update – I’m realising that I’m automatically redirected to https