Hassos Addon - Cloudflare Argo Tunnel

Hello People,

I’ve been working on a project for personal use and think it might benefit others in the community.

The background to the project is I have a house which only has LTE and this means I started looking at a safe solution to exposing HA to the internet. The LTE connection doesn’t have a public IP and therefore DYNDNS wouldn’t work etc.

Nabu Casa works great! But, one big downside is that I can only use one house with the membership and therefore I started looking for other options. On finding CloudFlare Argo ( https://www.cloudflare.com/products/argo-tunnel/ ) it looked perfect and I started developing a (in my opinion) useful addon! Argo does cost $5 a month per domain with 1gb traffic for free and $0.10 gb after that. I’m using about 17mb a day.

The Repo is:

and up to 3 tunnels can be run using this (If anyone needs more it would be easy for me to update it). This is my first addon and very much hoping it helps people! The config is done fully via the HASSOS addon interface.


Looks good, will definitely have a look at this addon.

Btw, your link goes to Argo Smart Routing instead of Argo Tunnel -> https://www.cloudflare.com/products/argo-tunnel/

@gerard33 fixed the link. Let me know if you see any issues!

Thanks for the addon, definitely going to give this a go!

Been running on mine since this post started and had no major issues, which is great as I’m on an LTE connection and they go up and down often!

Really looking forward to getting any feedback so can keep improving it.

This is awesome, just got this working. Thanks for putting this together!

I’ve just set it up and it’s working well. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Happy more people are getting use with this. Did some minor fixes a few weeks ago, to make sure it continues working going forward.

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Thank you for your time and awesome work!
Did you consider adding your addon to the official addons repo?
I’m sure this will make it even more popular.

To be honest I used this addon myself, but didn’t know if it was actually production ready or not.

No idea how i’d submit this to be part of the official repo etc.

Another user just did:

It’d be useful for you guys to test this out and if it works better than the current implementation I have I’ll merge into that project.

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Thanks. This made setting up HA a breeze at my parents house using my domain name. This and tailscale is all I needed and no need to forward ports.

Great to hear you are using Cloudflare. Can you elaborate a little bit about what you need tailscale for in your setup?

does seem a little strange to use Argo and Tailscale.

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Closing this down now.

GitHub - brenner-tobias/addon-cloudflared: Connect remotely to your Home Assistant instance without opening any ports using Cloudflared. has come a long way and is way better to use: