Any way to integrate REMO+ Doorbell-Camera?

Got this from a friend who couldn’t make it work - maybe because it needs cloud integration which is only working in the US.

Can this be used as a regular camera as well? Anyone got this used and give any feedback on it?

Any update on this? There has to be someone who figured out how to work this thing with Home Assistant. Would love to switch to it from the Ring doorbell i got

I wished. But no info to find anywhere. I guess this thing is USELESS.

Tell your friend to use a vpn connection to the US when activating the remo doorbell by the phoneapp. I have one myself and live in the netherlands. Its working perfectly

I have found RTSP is possible. Using rtsp://admin:(verification code on booklet)@ipaddress:554/H.264

Does that RSTP link pattern still work for the Remo + RemoBell S that the op shows in the photograph? I have tried your link pattern on my RemoBell S with no luck:

rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/H.264


Thank you! This worked for me. Successfully pulled feed into Frigate and HA.


Just wanted to let ya’ll know that I also managed to get this Doorbell working with my Home Assistant using the rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/H.264 URL. The password is the “Verification code” located on the small sticker with the S/N and MAC address of the camera that I think might have originally been attached to the Camera itself? or perhaps some of the packaging. I tested the URL in VLC first and it loaded and streamed fine. When I tried to add it using the “Generic Camera” in HA it didn’t load the preview image. I simply ignored this and proceeded and it now streams the image fine to my overview widget.

Boy am I glad I made the jump from OpenHAB to HA! It’s SOOOOO much easier.