Any way to not include all entities in a device in a scene?

While I think this may be possible to fix via yaml, HA continues to encourage all configuration to move to the GUI. If I add a device to a scene, all entities for that device get added and there is no way to delete them. This is bad, in my case, for a light/fan, where I want to include the light in a scene but I don’t want to have the scene change the current fan setting. Near as I can tell, you can’t do this, which seems strange since I would guess a lot of “scenes” for a room with a ceiling light/fan don’t have anything to do with the fan. I suggest that one be able to add an entity to a scene without it dragging any other entities from the device in with it. After all, if you actually want all the entities you can just add the device instead. I guess the other alternative would be to allow entities in a scene that are marked n/a and are not touched by a scene.turn_on. This might actually be slightly more convenient for someone creating scenes by copying and modifying existing ones.

This is why I use scripts instead of scenes.
You can delete the entities in YAML but they eventually come back.

Yup. I had been using scripts and still do in some places but scenes should be the right way to set up a “scene” for lighting in a room. If creation of the scene included a preview button and didn’t do this odd dragging in of other devices, then creating a scene interactively while observing its appearance would indeed be convenient. As it is now, not so much.

I use a mixture of scripts and scenes, but always edit scenes via yaml and never through the UI.