Any way to sanity check a value from an Z-Wave unit before it reaches "Energy" counter?

I have an “Z‐Stick Gen5 USB Controller” and “AEON Labs Heavy Duty Switch” hooked up using Z-wave JS. Heavy duty switch handles hot water cattle. It seems to work very fine, but some days it gets an “hickup”.

As you can see it registered an usage of 419706,7 kWh, which is not even near what my fuserate on my house intake could handle :slight_smile:
Later same day it registered 268438 kWh so the hotwater used 688144,7 kWh, total usage for the house that day is 75kWh (using pulsecounter on energy meter)

Communication link seems fine, but there are some steps to get the data in, that could/would fail sometimes. An sanity check on the value could really help.

Have anyone encountered this and how did you handle it?