Any wired temperature sensor available for HA (none to little DIY)?

Hi all,

I spend hours looking for a wired temperature sensor for the HA. I can find many wireless options, and also wired DIY options, but none of the DIY are really easy enough to setup for someone like myself that lacks the experience to build devices from scratch. I have read many posts on this forum as well, but none of the suggested solution I could find is compatible to what I need and can do myself.

Anyone out there that can advice me on a wired temperature sensor that can be easily connected up with HA without any or very little DIY?

Thanks so much!

NodeMCU with a DS18b20 perhaps. The schematic is easy and google it. You don’t have to write firmware. Tasmota sensors will do the job.

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buy sonoff zigbee sensor and DIY phone charger to it. It can be wired directly to + and -

If you use zigbee that is :slight_smile:

EDIT: It was actually sonoffs same series motion sensor that was poered this way, but i suspect it works with temp sensor too.

Thanks for the quick response! This solution will involve soldering the DS18b20 on to the NodeMCU correct? And than connect the NodeMCU to an Ethernet cable? And lastly I can easily read the temperature from the NodeMCU into HA?

Thanks for the quick response! If I look at this solution it looks to me that it does not support direct Ethernet connection, correct?

No it does not, it is wireless zigbee communication.

ok thanks.

Go with a esp32 with ethernet :point_down:


Possible boards can be found in the esphome docs :point_down:

Thanks for the additional feedback. Do you have any additional info on what temperature sensor to add to it and how?

Easiest would be probably a DS18B20 in that waterproof probe version. :thermometer:


Or a extended version with audio :headphones:

Great thanks!

Last thing I am wondering, has anyone found a way to nicely integrate the sensor in a room. It’s going to be around eye head in a room to get the correct temp. I guess it has to stick out from the wall and can’t be hidden behind a roster as this will impact the measurements.

Putting it hidden behind something or in corners will not work for my situation as it’s going to control underfloor heating and AC at same time to get room temp correct.

Any thoughts?

Only if there is a “correct” temp. Without (strong?) ventilation it’s probably just not the same temperature everywhere in the room :door:

As a rule of thumb don’t place the sensor on the floor or ceiling as they are the mostly the low and high end regarding the temperature. You obviously also want to avoid to have (close) to a heater - as you have underfloor heating that’s probably not a problem at all as it’s quite “low” temperature compared to “traditional” heaters. :fire:

For a start you could also just hook up 3 or 4 temperatures (on one esp) to place them on 3/4 four spots and compare them (watch them couple of days to see how the heating cycles influence them and if there is a big difference between them). :thermometer:

Thanks for the tips! Any idea as well on a way to integrate them in a nice way on wall so it don’t look as a sore thumb sticking out the wall. :joy: