Any Zero cooling timeout motion sensor out there?

All zigbee motion sensors i saw so far, have like 60 secs or more cooling timeout after it registers a motion; to go from on to off. I use aqara sensors and made the hack o decrease it down to 5-10 seconds. I get it, since they are using batteries; it is wise to not register each and every motion, in order to conserve battery life.

I, on the other hand, have a commercial alarm system with an IP card, which has door/window and PIR sensors, all cabled. It is working in HA, i can see each and every move in HA. It even has a cooling timeout of liked 0.5 to 1 second. So i can make the system response according to my needs easily, instead of leaving the decision to the sensor itself.

The cabling for this alarm system is laid out in the construction time of the house, so i can not extend it to every place i like. That’s why i am using aqara sensors in some extra places. But almost all aqara locations has power outlet nearby, so i was wondering if there is any commercial or diy zigbee product that can be plugged in (USB powered?) which will have like 0.5 to 1 second cooling time. Blitzwolf has BW-IS3 which can be USB powered to recharge its battery but it still has 60 seconds cooling time…

Maybe there exist somo 230v/110v or 12v sensor with no cooling time and you can combine with a Shelly (or similar) to detect the state change.

This one has a 2 seconds cooling time in example:

You have a demo product RD-0078-0201 from SiLabs which has a development setting (HW switch) of about 7 seconds. You could hack it to power it from a power adapter.

The Zigbee specification for Occupancy sensors defines some Zigbee attributes that allow setting some delays.
So when available, that could allow configuration. Some have manufacturer attributes for that, and others just nothing.

When it’s classified as an IAS (security) device, these settings are defined in the standard.

I’ve cabled a non-zigbee wireless security system once, and the motion sensor had a physical setting for sensibility and another one for delay. The documentation indicated that the fast delay was used for testing during installation, but that it had to be set to the longer delay to ensure battery life.

The IAS motion sensor I am using actually has a delay of about 5 minutes between triggers.

What about a camera? Some cameras report when “movement is detect” or “person is detected”.

Thanks @le_top , i was more looking into the performance i am getting from my cabled alarm system sensors. That’s why i am not into battery but a powered sensor. As i understand going DIY is the only way out for now.

I am looking into hacking a a simple motion sensor into an aqara door/window sensor. These door sensors have no cooltime for open/close. As you may have know, taking out the reed switch in these sensors, you can connect it to any other switch. Time to test it, i will share the results…

I always thought using cameras for motion is an overkill for some certain applications. In my case, i am planning for the under-bed motion sensors; cameras would be a no-no for this application :rofl: