Anybody use met office for weather?

Hi All.

Does anybody else use met office integration for they’re weather ? No matter what I try I can’t get it to display the daily low temperatures, on the default home assistant weather card I get:

And on the custom one I get:

Which appears to me on the custom one it’s polling for precipitation info ? Has anybody figured a way to fix this ? Thanks.

@rossk Are you able to help with this ? Thanks.

Go to developer tools / states and in the entity field type in ‘weather.’ and you will see all your weather. entities listed. If you do this you should see in the attributes column that there is no ‘daily low’ exposed by Metoffice, at least there is not for me anyway!

To combat this and several other issues I use 2 weather integrations, Metoffice as one and the other one is found here:

I cant remember exactly why I ended up using (as opposed to any other) but it had the additional info that I wanted and having compared the two I noticed that the causes zero issues and appears to be more accurate as well.

So with set as my weather.home you can have this:

I have never personally looked at the metoffice APi to see if I could pull what I needed from them as the work / time involved seemed unwarranted.


I just find met office to me more accurate than, it’s a shame that it doesn’t expose daily lows, what’s frustrating about that is the fact that it’s part of HA core so you would naturally think this would have been part of it(at least the integrations images show daily lows)

I dont use a custom weather card, but wonder if it would be possible to add and use the low attributes as sensors in the card using templates for example.

That’s a nice thought, but I’ve no idea how I’d implement that :rofl:

Hi there! You may never see this, but Met office does expose a daily low, the Met Office integration just isn’t configured to read it properly.

I have done some testing with the Datapoint API (GitHub - EJEP/datapoint-python: A Python module for accessing UK weather data via the Met Office's open data API known as Datapoint.), sadly looks no longer maintained but when testing it certainly returns a low. I believe the issue is that it is returned as day/night rather than all in one.

2023-08-23 00:00:00+00:00
2023-08-23 00:00:00+00:00
Partly cloudy
2023-08-23 12:00:00+00:00
Sunny day

I have created an issue on the repo for this.

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