Anybody with Marantz NA7004 and

Hello everyone,

I installed one week ago for the first time, and I must say that I’m amazed. It is incredible! On my attempt to consolidate all my media devices in hassio, I configured my Marantz NA7004 as follows:

  - platform: denonavr
    host: marantz_na7004
    name: MARANTZ NA7004
    show_all_sources: True

unfortunatelly, the result is poor and since the code set is not matching what Marantz is expecting, the Marantz sometimes switches to a media source called Empty and ends up in a loop.

Anybody with experience with Marantz devices? I would appreciate it very much


I have an nr1604 and works well.

Have you tried a static IP and put the IP?

I have the NR1607 and us this simple config:

# Livingroom Denon Receiver
  - platform: denonavr
    host: 192.168.X.XX

Works like a charm… Like claudio suggests, you might try and put in the IP.

in my case I can interact with it, it is not a problem of network connectivity (I have a local DNS and everything works fine by name). I think the poor performance is due to a code set mismatch. I can turn it on and off, and even change sources, but I can’t jump between FM presets, do fast forward or rewind, etc. in other words, I can’t access advance functions but only very basic ones. Hope this now makes sense.
Reviewing the notes in Denon AVR Network Receivers - Home Assistant I see this:

A few notes:

Additional option the control Denon AVR receivers with a builtin web server is using the HTTP interface with denonavr platform.
denonavr platform supports some additional functionalities like album covers, custom input source names and auto discovery.
Marantz receivers seem to a have quite similar interface. Thus if you own one, give it a try.

I suspect I’m not leveraging the http interface but rather a more basic one.

Marantz has an official app in the App Store. I wish I could do in HA what I already can do with the official app.