Marantz Network Receiver

Wouldn’t it be possible to have Home Assistant support Marantz network receiver, especially AVR-5008?


Just for kicks, since Marantz is a subsidy of Denon, I thought I would put the Denon component to use:


  • platform: denon
    name: Marantz SR5008[/code[

My Marantz SR5008 card shows the “OFF” state regardless of whether my receiver is on or off. I clicked in 3 dots and it’s shows the “On” state since Home Assistant knows that my receiver is on. I also have the ability to control the volume, but only up to -20dB max, which means I’ll have to adjust the volume from my Marantz remote if I want it at 0dB. Exiting the More Info card still shows the state to be “OFF” even though it does give it a darker color to indicate that it’s on while brighter blue indicates that it’s off.

And as for the warning in the Denon component (“Be careful with the volume. 50% or even 100% are very loud.”), it’s not the case with my receiver. 100% is -20dB and 50% is -50dB. If I set my receiver manually to 0dB, it will be 133-1/3%, so I would want 0dB to be at 100%. In a 0 to 98 scale, that’s 80.


I have Marantz NR1506 and I would also like to integrate few functions to HASS.
Do you have any success with modifying Denon component?

One thing I once did is change the volume limit from 60 to 80, so that I can adjust the volume up to 0 dB. Right now, 60 is -20 dB.

homeassistant@home-server:~$ vim /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/homeassistant/components/media_player/

    def update(self):
        # ...
        self._volume = int(volume_str) / 80
    def set_volume_level(self, volume):
        """Set volume level, range 0..1."""
        # 0dB (80) max (60 is -20 dB)
        self.telnet_command("MV" + str(round(volume * 80)).zfill(2))

I then restart HASS and that’s about it. Denon and Marantz are the same when it comes to command codes.

EDIT: After the update to 0.25, anything that I modify gets overwritten, so I might have to copy the component and turn it into a custom component. But then where do I rename “denon” to “marantz?”

Hi there, I wonder how far did you get with this. Sorry to bring up this old thread.

Use Denon AVR Network Receiver:

The component that was used to modify the volume level uses Telnet, which I don’t recommend using it anymore.

Thanks. Already using the first option with very poor results. I’m afraid I’m accessing the very basic capabilities. I suspect I’m using telnet. See this thread please. If you can help me, I will be very thankful :slight_smile:

I only use the denonavr component and only used it for switctching between different sources and adjusting the volume with different scenes. That’s about it for me. I don’t use Telnet at all.

That’s about as far as I can help with, as I don’t use media player functions such as FM radio or playing music. These functions are done via my PC and NVIDIA Shield Android TV.

If you don’t use telnet, then what do you use? port 10000?

denonavr component uses the HTTP interface.

Marantz Sr-7009 supported?

Go ahead and try your receiver with Home Assistant. The Denon/Marantz API should be the same.

That’s the one I’m using, but with my receiver (NA7004) the user experience is very poor. I imagine that my receiver may just be too old or it runs a limited version of the firmware…