Anyone able to explain why my HA just stopped working?


So…any ideas on why my HA would just magically stop working? The last thing I remember doing was tying to get the Alexa TTS sensor up and running.

My system refused to restart through Configuration, so I had to reboot at the Pi. Then it stopped connecting. Obviously I can’t get into any log file via Samba.

Back in the day I would occasionally have my system not connect, then magically connect an hour or two later.

Any thoughts are appreciated!


Put the sd card in your pc and have a look at the log file

Do you have a backup?
And try to provide info, like what type of installation do you have etc…

I’m not sure it’s easily accessible.

@SaNewm, where would the log file be found? Last time I looked I found something called I think 1_Kodi.log but that didn’t seemed to have much of anything. I’ll have a look after work tomrrow as SSH also said ‘unknown error, check logs’ when I tried to restart that way.

@mcarty, I do, but not sure how to restore it. From what I found I have to basically reinstall then add the backup file to a folder on the SD card and restore via the Snapshot area. Is that the easiest way? Also, it’s on a Raspberry Pi 3,, 32gb SD card. I have noticed very occasionally I get a warning about not enough power, not sure why that is or what it means but I’m thinking to switch over to my new Pi 4 in the next couple of days and see if that resolves that issue.



hope you’ll get a decent PSU for it. And

is something you really need to think about. It’s not designed for many writes and is generally slow. It will die sooner or later. So it’s better to use SSD instead of SD card, move your HA db elsewhere or use another hardware (a laptop/PC/NUC) and leave RPi for something else.


It most likely means your power supply isn’t rated high enough for (that is, providing enough power to) your Pi. What specific Pi 3 model are you using? If you’re using a 3B+ you need to use a 2.5A power supply at the minimum. If it’s a 3B it needs to be at least 2.1A.

If you switch to the Pi 4 it needs to be at least 3A.

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Google would answer that, but it likely means you’re using a mobile charger, or the USB port on a PC/TV/etc. In short, you’re not giving it enough power, which is a major cause of SD card corruption, and non-working Raspberry Pi based systems.

It’s quite likely that this is at the root of all the posts you’ve been making about HA being unreliable.

Thanks for all the feedback re power. I checked and my 3b+ has a 2500ma psu. It’s plugged into a power board with just two other devices.

My Pi 4 psu is quoted as 5v 15w. Will that be enough to run my ha on a pi 4?

I can also confirm that the other two devices on the board have zero power issues.


Yet the Pi isn’t getting enough power, so that’s likely a “maximum under ideal conditions” and not reality :wink:

Which, sadly, just means that they don’t require as much power.