Anyone able to hide http api sensors?

Is there any way to make the api/states/sensors.X objects hidden on the web ui?

It doesn’t appear that the customize component will work for these since they are “special” things and update_ha_state() doesn’t affect them.

Can you put them in a group and then hide the group?

I put them in a group and they don’t show up in the little circles on the top anymore - instead they are in a tile on the UI, but as soon as I hide the group the tile goes away and they show back up as little circles :frowning:

Same thing happen here , tried ranaming the group and everything but nothing
Any ideas ?

Have you tried using the “hidden: true” option ion customize?

I’m having this same issue, and would be somewhat satisfied with just grouping the PWS sensors into one tile, even if I can’t hide it. Can you show me an example of how you did this? Thanks!