Anyone can control my home using Telegram via Dialogflow?

I’m starting to play around with Dialogflow integrated to Telegram. From the documentation, it doesn’t stated how to limit interaction only with certain Telegram users. Does that means any Telegram users who know my bot user ID can start chatting with my bot and do everything I can do including controlling my home?

The Telegram configuration let’s you define who is explicitly allowed to use the chat bot.

I assume if you use Dialogflow in HA, you don’t need to use the Telegram component from HA anymore, am I correct? Or are you referring to other configuration that I am not aware of?

sorry, bumping this old thread.

Anyone using Telegram with Dialogflow?

Even though I am using Telegram to control my home using methods from Telegram chatbot, but I really like the way Dialogflow allows me to chat with my Telegram bot naturally like texting with someone. If possible, I want to move my Telegram bot to Dialogflow and reuse the same intent scripts for other platforms such as Snips and Alexa.

Unfortunately, the only thing stopping me from doing that is because anyone can access my bot and start chatting with it including controlling my home.

Anyone knows how to limit access to my Telegram bot to certain users?