Anyone else being banned by the app after the update?

Got the update last night. Had to clear app data for it to add the device_tracker (bad bug if you ask me), the app kept crashing on me during the login section because I couldn’t bring up the paste dialog to paste my complicated password from Bitwarden…so I manually typed it in, and got logged in. Since then I keep getting banned whenever I try to hit my cameras page and view my camera streams.

Anyone else getting banned by the app?

Not by the app as we don’t use it here, but my other half uses the safari webapp on her iPhone with all the login details saved (which should be an identical setup to mine on my android) and regularly she’ll hit the icon and just get banned.

My phone pings and the time difference between the message saying there’s been a dodgy login attempt and the message saying she’s been banned is a fraction of a second, but to activate the ban my http set up requires 3 attempts, so it’s obviously sending the same duff information over and over again as soon as the webapp is started.

Struggling to get to the bottom of it.

No idea if related, but curious to see if any solutions that come out of this thread may fix the issue here too :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was definitely weird that it would load HA, but as soon as I went to my cameras page, it wouldn’t load the cameras, and the ban would show up almost immediately.

Replace Bitwarden with Lastpass and it was exactly my experience as well :slight_smile: Oh well, ultimately it wasn’t a showstopper to type in the password.

Ha! No, but I let Bitwarden create complicated passwords for a reason…it wasn’t really fun typing that one out.

Just to add to this…

Earlier this evening my better half opened the webapp, looked at the cameras, everything was fine.

A couple of hours later she went to check the cameras again, instantly banned.

I suspect that she stayed on the camera page when she exited the webapp, and therefore when she reopened it (or tried to) it instantly tried to get the camera feeds. She’s on an iPhone so exiting the app on the page it’s on by hitting the home key is standard for her so it’s a good bet, although she’s not sure because obviously it wasn’t something she was looking out for.

We have four cameras, which might explain why 3 or more requests seem to be instantaneously passed.

I can’t test this theory because I’m at work until 3am, but I will try to add a slightly more scientific experiment in to the mix when I get chance.

Posting this now in case it inspires anyone technical as to how this might be fixed, or if anyone else can try some experiments.

Awesome. I added another camera to the camera page a day or two before this started happening. This could be the culprit.

Awesome, I came across the same issue and was wondering, why all devices using the companion app are constantly getting banned.
After reading this I remembered, that also I have added a second camera instance to one of my Lovelace cards.

Is it understood what is happening here?
Can anything done to fix this?
In case further information is necessary. What can I do to share this information?