Anyone else losing their default dashboard?

Before I log an issue, I’m wondering if the community can weigh in and let me know if they’ve seen the issue too?

It seems that after 2022.10.x, my profile settings will not save the dashboard selection, no matter what I make it. At the moment on my W11 PC with FF, you’ll see it’s set to the default but that won’t last. Within the next 24hrs, it would have lost the setting and returned to no selection.


Trouble is, this is getting reset to no value on three browsers; this PC with FF, FKB on a Chromebook wall tablet and the companion app on Android. When the dash disappears, I can no longer see the overview dashboard in the left hand menu which is annoying. And no, the cache has not been cleared on any of the browsers when this issue appears. Screenshots of my companion app below showing what happens on the app.

Please let me know if you’ve seen this too.

Mine is not changing from “Backend Selected”.

That’s the theme setting not the dashboard.

So it is, sorry.

Can confirm. Default dashboard setting is not persistent in either the iOS mobile companion app or Firefox desktop browser.

So you are losing your dashboard setting too and I’m not going mad? 😵‍💫

Yep. Time to log an issue.

Interestingly the problem only occurred after I changed the default dashboard. The default dashboard setting from before the update did persist, but as soon as I changed it, it would not stay set.

Thanks, will do. Good to know I’m not going cuckoo

Are you using the new Browser Mod 2.1.3 with your install?

No I’m not.

Thanks, trying to eliminate a few things before I post a bug report as I have quite a few integrations and front-end add-ons installed through HACS. Oddly today, my NUC instance of HA just started running real slow like 10 seconds to turn on a Zigbee light and nothing but a hardware reboot resolved it. So far, I’ve not had the dashboard issue at all today.

This happens to me too, but only from PC. Tha android app mantains the setting. I restart my raspberry every morning and never logout (don’t know if these are relevant info)

Thanks, that’s helpful. I’ve been monitoring mine across three devices and like you, my mobile app has settled down and now stays locked on ‘overview’ but the Fully Kiosk Browser tablet is still regularly losing it’s dashboard setting. As I can’t provide much in the way of logs, I’m not sure how far a bug report will get :roll_eyes:

@xbmcnut Did you open a bug report for this? I’m experiencing the same issue almost two months later, and I just came across this thread.

For me, the dashboard settings are inconsistent on 2 android phones. Once the app is closed and removed from recent apps, it’s totally random will it opens “overview” dashboard or the one I created and set to be default.

Meanwhile, it’s consistent on Firefox on PC i.e. I log out and log in again, it constantly opens the wrong “overview” dashboard as a starting one, and often reset the settings of default dashboard from the created one to “overview”.

Sorry, no I did not. It kind of settled down suffice it to say that whenever I go into my tablet and check what the default dashboard is, it doesn’t have one. If I set it, it’s lost again the following day. I did not know how to explain that in a bug report so put it in the too hard bin.

I fought with this a long time, until I realized I should rather make sure the default dashboard HA uses is the right one. If your true default dashboard is ui-lovelace you will never face this problem again.

For gui dashboards it can be done using cut and paste in yaml mode, for yaml mode dashboards the way to do so is in the documentation:

Yes, that is indeed the secret sauce.

Sorry Edwin, I’m new to HA, so I might be missing something, can you explain it a bit more?

As suggested in HA, I created a new dashboard, let’s call it “home”. Made it to be default in settings with “set as default on this device” as well as the default in profile settings under “Dashboard” dropdown.

Once “home” dashboard is set as selected, “overview” gets removed from the sidebar. “Home” dashboard has an address like this IP : port/home-dash/default_view while removed “overview” has an address like IP : port/lovelace/default_view, so mentioned lovelace.

If I’m not wrong, seems like the problem is because HA for some reason saves user’s settings on the client side instead of server side. On my PC, cookies are automatically cleared in less than an hour or as soon as I close the browser, hence why the dashboard gets reset constantly. There is only one account and it’s admin.

Is there a way to save the settings server side? If not, I guess the only option for me is to start editing Overview dashboard, but I’m not sure how smart that is, considering the notification HA shows for overview dashboard.

You seem to understand perfectly what happens. The current setting is user specific, even browser specific. So the way it is implemented now means you need to set it multiple times yourself on different devices. And as you’ve noticed the setting gets forgotten way too much. So unless different users have different defaults for different devices, my advice is to steer clear of the setting, and make sure the original overview is what you’d want as a default.

Would HA change the behaviour to saving it server side, it would fundamentally change the device/user specific nature, so I do not think they will. Because then you have exactly the same effect as editing the default Overview dashboard (named ui-lovelace).

I do not understand what your reservations are on using ui-lovelace as the real default. If you also want to have an autogenerated dashboard, you can create it yourself by adding a new dashboard, going to yaml mode, deleting all contents and saving it.Then you have a self-made autogenerated dashboard that is not the default dashboard.

I’ve been doing it this way for quite some months now, never regretted it.

Do you use a GUI built dashboard or a yaml one?

Is there a fix for this yet.
For me at least it is not a cookie issue; as homeassistant.local has been whitelisted.
I can’t just use the default default because I have multiple devices with different screen sizes, aspect-ratios, and DPI in different parts of the house. The 5in ex-phone in the living room does not need and cannot fit the kitchen controls, the 10in tablet in the kitchen does not need and cannot fit the bedroom controls, while my office’s 27in monitor can fit the whole house.
Thus, each needs a custom dashboard.