Anyone experiencing remote access problem (via Nabu Casa) today?

Maybe this is a wrong place to call for help, but I’m a bit desperate right now. I’m not at home and all of a sudden remote access does not work any more. I have HA on Hassio (v8) on a RPI with remote connection setup up through Nabu Casa. Everything has worked fine for weeks up until this morning. I can’t connect any more.

I have a few other servers on the same local network, and I can connect to one of those by SSH. So the network is fine. From this local server I can ping my Hassio RPI. So it is up and running. Unfortunately I have not setup SSH access from this specific server to my HA, so I can’t do so much more to check if HA is running.

So the question is if HA is working and my problem is caused by the remote connections through Nabu Casa?

Edit: The HA app on my Android phone does not work either.

Go to your nabucasa log in page and there is an option to force it to connect. I have no problems at the moment though.

And by the way, there are nabucasa support channels at the nabucasa site, I think they prefer that to posting here.

Thanks, then I know it is not a general problem with Nabu Casa at least.

Back home again I found out my HA system was up and running and worked perfectly with local access. However, when I opened the “Cloud” tab, I got the message I was disconnected from my cloud account. I had to manually connect and then everything was fine again.

So for some reason HA disconnected from cloud and could not reconnect again without local access. Not what I regard is an acceptable behaviour to support unattended HA systems.

Edit: To make it very clear: It was not possible to reconnect from the Nabu Casa page. Not from the app either. So I was left in the dark…