Anyone find the app in play store on Android TV?

I was excited to see the change log say Android TV support.
When I got home I went and tried to install, but it doesn’t show up in the play store for me.

Anybody else have it show up yet?

this one?

Right that’s the one, but I guess I wasn’t totally clear. I meant when searching the play store from the android TV device it isn’t there.
Same play store, but it filters what is available based on what device you access it from. I could sideload it I guess, but figured it would be available if it had official support.

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They released a fix shortly afterwards, check the latest release notes.

Got it. Now I see it showing up.

Hey, Am I the only one experiencing the same issue again? I needed to reset my mibox, and now I can’t find HA in play store…

the HA app was removed from android TV play store as the frontend was not designed for remote navigation, HA frontend needs an update for this to get added back otherwise you can’t login to HA without a keyboard or mouse.

No clue how hard this would be to get working, but would be an awesome way to get notifications on the TV!
Along with the rest of the things you can do in the app of course.

Any idea if this ever happen and we could have Home Assistant on TV screen?

the HA frontend needs to support TV interface first, for now you can sideload the APK, but if you dont have a mouse its not going to be an ideal experience.

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Isn’t a matter of creating additional dashboard better suitable for TV screens? Anything else? There are number of entushiasts creating own dashboards, so where is difficulty in making a dashboard with bigger buttons, etc? I am going to try sideloading with other than Lovelace dashboards.

I am talking about navigation using a TV remote control, the HA frontend does not support that so a user with a remote control cannot easily login to the app or navigate the HA interface.

Just saw this article that says the google home app is adding D-pad controls for android TV. Maybe this would work with the HA app?

If I have time this weekend I might try it out.

It’s just a virtual remote, so it won’t do anything more than you can do with a regular Android tv hardware remote. The HA app needs pointer (mouse/touch) support. I sideloaded the regular Android HA app a few months back on the Chromecast with GoogleTV, which is attached to a USB-C hub(similar to other people above) with a Logitech Unifying adapter, and it definitely works, but also certainly isn’t an ideal experience. Absent support in the mainline Android app, I’d also love to see a proper “tv interface” HA app especially designed for large screens, but I can also understand why it’s not a priority at the moment.

How many Android TV devices ship with a mouse or keypad? None right? They all come with a remote control that has D-Pad support which means the HA frontend FIRST has to support this type of control. Also Android supports mouse by default and using a mouse works just fine.

HA frontend needs to provide the interface so the app can load it. You can also make a TV friendly dashboard and use that too.

I understand, and I think we’re on the same page. I was just responding to the poster above me asking about the new D-Pad support in the Google Home app and then generally expressing my continued interest in having a better HA experience on tv.

You can link your Android phone and use it as an air mouse. An bluetooth airpad remote is $12