Anyone found lock that works for sliding door / patio ideally zigbee

The only one I can find is lockly athena model. Which doesn’t work with HA

My lock looks like this. It’s to the side of the main door.

There are a few tuya zigbee ones but they don’t work with ha at all without tuya stuff running.

I could do the eltronic deadbolt. But I don’t like the risk of being not able to open door if ha is down.

Lockly is getting thread but it’s gone quiet .


Have you looked online? I found this which looks promising (as I have searched for this as well):

Yeah i have. The lock mechanism doesn’t have the Mortise Lock in it. It’s part of the lock. Where as all of those need the centre mortise part for the lock.

That video is also what I was talking about with electronic option. If system goes down we can’t open it .

I just can’t find one that is similar to the actual lock that I pictured. And all those locks there are great but they all require the app to work and do not work with zigbee for example…

It’s the opposite actually. No power = lock unlock. I have one of that lock in the video hooking up to a zigbee plug controlling the lock motor. There are 2 options for me to unlock. Via the keypad outside or turning off the zigbee plug.
I also have a ups for backup power.

Yes having access to the zigbee plug would work… I have ZB PowerPoints installed near this area so it could use that!

What was the installation like is the YouTube video tutorial still accurate?

Yes, the hardest part is lining up the lock pin really.

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Nice one it might be a fun little weekend project then. Did you use the 3D printed covers?

Just got to convert it to fail safe.

No 3D for me that time. It was 6 years ago. I would 3D print the shim now since I have a printer now. I also bought the lock power supply because I want to set the delay and an unlock switch from inside the house. Something like this below