Anyone from the London area?

We’re looking for ideas of how to spend a few days this summer in Southern England.

Not from london - but the lack of replies totally encapsulates londoners… not welcoming :stuck_out_tongue:

Where abouts you thinking or what are your interests.

I could easily apply that to Boston/New England.

We are arriving in London on a Wednesday then on Thursday-Friday we’ve contracted a private driver who will be taking us to Stonehenge, then to an old English village further West for the night. My wife set this up. I don’t know the name of the place but it is in a B&B in an old castle. The next afternoon the driver will take us to Southampton where we will be going on a cruise to Norway and Iceland.

It’s the full-day in London that we don’t have planned.

See this is something us brits find weird. To you guys the distances between these places is all local, but to us we wouldnt do any more than a couple hours without stopping for a night :stuck_out_tongue: p But since you are here for shut a short space of time, if you like sleepy villages you can throw a brick and hit one outside of the large cities. Theres nothing more english then finding a sleepy village with a nice for locals only pub and pitch up for the night.

London - you have the westend for shows but you should really book in advanced. If you are a foody theres plenty to go to. Borough market is great for lunch, lots of little stalls.

It’s just a sampling of England. I want to plan on a much longer visit in the future. Possibly rent a camper (van, motorhome, caravan) and spend a month or more driving all over the country. Who knows, maybe I will even learn to speak English.