Anyone getting this product?

Is anyone getting this product? Really wish the developer can confirm open API, so it can connect to HA. Else will skip it.

It seems the sensor modules connect to the hub using LoRa, though I have a feeling all the processing is done in AWS

It say that without the cloud services it will work on your mobile. So unsure. Well need to wait and see.

I’m currently backing them but am getting REAL hesitant about my pledge. They backtracked on their commitment to a local API and are being evasive when questioned about it while being willing to commit to Alexa and Google. I think their business plan is to datamine this incredibly granular data and sell it. That’s a lot of money to spend to lose what little privacy you have left

heeem… if you are right then will not backing them up. I’m actually looking forward to the water consumption automation due to it’s rare. Thanks for the info…

Yeah, I was super excited to be able to get the water sensors. There are 8 days left but unless there is a massive change I’ll be pulling my pledge. Really unfortunate and a bit upsetting since I’ve been advertising for them in good faith for two weeks

if you dont mind, should their policy changes and you did go with the pledge. Please let me know cause I really like the water sensor. Thanks man

Definitely. They’ve been tangling with their backers in the comments for a couple days so maybe they’ll get a clue

Had some discussion with them. It looks like the problem is they thought I was looking for a local API for the finished data, not the raw data coming off the sensors. I’m going to keep my pledge and see where this goes unless the wheels fall off this week.

Edit: richieframe is right about processing in the cloud.

I spent some time and went through the Q&A. And I like the direction of the latest development as of 3-4 days ago regarding API.

For a(ny) kickstarter project like this, communication is key, and it goes both ways. You thought I meant this and I thought you meant that… and only with good efforts we could make great progress.

So based on what I saw. I likely would pledge.

The PowerX team just replied this in the Kickstarter comments:

Hi naPS and Kelly: We are actively working on integration with Home Assistant, a REST API and an open local API. The first two APIs I’m highly confident will be done in the next 14 days. The open local API is a bit more work to implement so it may take more days to confirm it’s working properly. That said, we’re working on all of these APIs :slight_smile:

Is there any update to progress available yet? Seems team was pretty confident on having HA integration ready very soon… Really looking for this product :slight_smile:

They just commented this on their kickstarter page:

Great question! We are actually working on developing APIs, including Home Assistant, and will hopefully be releasing the features in the future.

Did anyone get one of these? I have a PowerX but can’t seem to find anything further about HA integration which is a bit sad.

For the record, I pledged, and dropped recently asking for a refund.

Pledged because I liked the feedback on the development and comments about its (open) API.

Dropped because that commitment has not been fulfilled even to this day. What they have is to “read the page” but then that page does not say anything on when or how or progress.
Communication went south.